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  1. Congratulations to Hyphen’s newly pro...

    The Board of Hyphen is pleased to announce a number of recent promotions within the company. Associates Hyphen has almost tripled in size in the last ten years, currently employing around 160 professionals across Europe and Latin America. To reflect our growth, we’ve appointed 10 Associates to join our management […]
  2. Hyphen celebrates the start of anothe...

    This week marks the start of another international exchange programme between Hyphen and our alliance partner, MBH Architects. Charlotte Goodman-Simpson – who is usually based in our Winchester office – has switched places with fellow architect, John Chavez, from San Francisco, and both will be spending the next four weeks […]
  3. Hyphen helps deliver biggest LUSH sho...

    Today, we celebrate the opening of the biggest LUSH shop in the world, so big – you could fill it with more than nine million bath bombs! Spread across 1,380 sqm, it is also home to Liverpool’s brand-new LUSH spa. As well as delivering LUSH’s new concept design, one our key […]
  4. Celebrating International Women&#8217...

    This year, Berlin is celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) with a new public holiday. We interviewed two of our senior female architects, Susanne Kersting and Franziska Gensichen, to ask them about it… – Is this a promising sign that we’re making progress on the road to equality between men and […]
  5. Mapping out your next project location?

    Codes and customs for building permitting vary from country to country so we’d like to invite you to explore Hyphen’s new international insights map – designed to help global businesses keep abreast of complex local planning regulations. Each year, we secure over 200 permits across Europe and we’ve drawn on […]
  6. Hyphen welcomes two new board members

    The Board of Hyphen is pleased to announce the appointment of Carole Netzer as director, effective from 1st January 2019.  Carole joined the company in 2011 and became a team leader in 2017. She has managed projects for some of Hyphen’s most influential clients, including Eurostar, Tesla and Tumi. As well […]
  7. Hyphen is one

    Today we’re celebrating that Hyphen is one. Not only is it a year since we re-branded as Hyphen, we’re also more united across our seven offices than ever before. No matter where our people are based, we now share the same standards, methodologies and systems so that we deliver the […]
  8. Introducing Hyphen’s new multi-lingua...

    On World Architecture Day, we invite you to explore Hyphen’s new, multi-lingual website - redesigned and refreshed to better serve our clients and audiences across Europe and Latin America. This site can now be viewed in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish - further reinforcing our global outlook and better […]
  9. Meet our team at Datacloud Ireland

    We’ve been designing telecoms facilities and data centres since 1982, working with clients such as Equinix, Global Switch, HP, Rackspace, and Digital Realty. On 13th September, Datacloud Ireland will be hosting their second annual conference in Dublin - bringing together industry leaders, power providers, technology consultants and facility owners. Our […]
  10. New exchange program with MBH Architects

    This year, Cristina Martínez Rodríguez - an architect based in our Madrid office - took part in the first exchange program between Hyphen and MBH Architects, our alliance partner in California. The purpose of the exchange was for those involved to experience new ways of working. Upon her return, Cristina […]
  11. Joint-winners for Chris Henderson Dra...

  12. Hyphen welcomes new board member

  13. Hyphen at SIEC Paris 6-7th June 2018

  14. CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Paris Brand HQ

  15. DatacenterDynamics Madrid, 2018

  16. MAPIC Italy & MAPIC F&B 2018

    May 2018
  17. Expanding our range of in-house services

  18. International Women’s Day 2018

  19. Hyphen at the IHIF Forum 2018

  20. New trends in luxury

  21. Hyphen & NOA Charity

  22. Archichef Night 2017

  23. RICS European Retail Conference

  24. Lush offices

  25. Chris Henderson Drawing Prize

  26. Berlin Bike ride

    We are very proud that 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Househam Henderson’s business in Germany. For a quarter of a century, our Berlin office has been integral to the success of our company, setting standards of excellence that have helped us grow the business to the seven offices you know […]
  27. Building Information Modelling