Quality Policy

Hyphen is committed to providing a quality service for all clients and for all projects.

This is achieved via a Quality Management System (QMS) that follows BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Scope of the QMS covers all services provided by Hyphen, including Full Architectural, Project Management, and Principal Designer Services.

The QMS checks that reasonable skill, care and efficiency is exercised in every aspect of the services provided by the Company. The QMS is continually monitored by the Directors and the Quality Manager to ensure its effectiveness through auditing, reporting and review. Twice yearly Management Review Reports are submitted to the Company Board Meetings.  Compliance with the QMS by all staff is mandatory.

Specific procedures identify how the QMS is implemented.  All staff have access to the Company Manual through “Rapport”, the Company Intranet.

The Quality objectives of Hyphen are:

  • To ensure that the services and products are of the highest professional standard.
  • To ensure that the services and products are adequately checked prior to issue.
  • To produce the service/product on time.
  • To product the service/product within budget.
  • To ensure Client expectations are met through a process of evaluating feedback leading to continual improvement.

The Directors of Hyphen hold ultimate responsibility to review the QMS and to formulate and implement this policy.  The Directors are committed to providing the necessary financial and physical resources required to implement this policy   The Quality Manager ensures that the system conforms to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality Policy forms part of the Staff Guidelines and is displayed on Rapport.  All staff receive initial and periodic instruction and awareness training of the Quality Policy and QMS.  Conforming to the requirements of the QMS is mandatory for Staff and External Suppliers.

External Suppliers are informed of the Hyphen Quality Policy and Objectives.  This includes a clear directive on their contribution towards the effectiveness of the success of the service provided by Hyphen. They are employed on the understanding that their performance is reviewed and monitored.  Their employment status may be affected by not conforming to the requirements of the QMS.


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