Data centres

As data centres get larger, closer to urban populations and environmental regulation increases, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find suitable sites and gain planning approval. We take a holistic approach, with an eye for design detail and an understanding of the engineering drivers, to help our clients navigate planning authorities, gain building permits and deliver data centres across Europe and beyond.

Hyphen has been designing telecoms facilities and data centres since 1982, with over 100 projects undertaken around Europe. In the last three years, we’ve supported the delivery of 1.8 million sqft of data centre space. Our clients include Equinix, Global Switch, Cyrus One, HP, Rackspace, and Digital Realty and many critical facilities consultants, who welcome our responsive and flexible approach.

Chile: Latin America’s new digital hub?

Matías Menichetti
August 20, 2020
The coronavirus started to significantly affect us in Chile around two weeks after it forced the closure of our offices in Europe. As One Hyphen, our teams have experience working together from opposite sides of the world however, whilst working from home we quickly discovered that the connectivity we’d previously […]

Data centre design: it isn’t just about scale, it’s about reach

Peter Agnew
July 10, 2020
Members of our data centre team have been attending the virtual DCD ‘Building at Scale’ conference this week. It has been interesting to see how our experience is reflected in the industry as a whole. The phenomenal growth of the sector that we have seen over the last few years […]

The future of data centre design

Peter Agnew
June 6, 2019
As he attends Datacloud Global Congress in Monaco, we interviewed Hyphen’s data centre specialist, Peter Agnew about his experience and the future of data centre design. What are the biggest changes in data centre design that you’ve seen in recent years? The biggest change is the scale of the data […]